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What athletes are saying...

Top job Dana, there's a piece of you in this medal congratulations
      - John Herdman, Canadian Women’s Olympic Soccer Team


There are at least 8 or 9 medals on the rack that you have helped me achieve and I am very appreciative!
      - Jamie Shankland, Team Canada & Team BC track cyclist


And thanks so much for the amazing work you did at the track holding camp,I heard rave reviews from everyone. Such a challenge cooking for a diverse group like that, wish I knew how you did it so successfully!
      - Andrea Wooles, IST Coordinator, Cycling Canada Cyclisme


Thank you very much as well. I appreciate your time and your passion for what you do. It is quite obvious that you know your craft well. We would love to utilize your services again prior to your departure.
      - Bobby Aldighieri, Moguls Talent Development Coach, Canadian Sport Centre Pacific


Thank YOU again for the great presentation. The girls really enjoyed it, and were talking about it all the way home and even the next day, in a really positive way. It was really helpful for them.
      - Kara Lapoint, FarWest Nordic Ski Coach


We are all very grateful for your professional, fun approach and support over the past year.
      - Tom Johnson, Davis, CA NATIONAL SWIM CENTRE COACH


Thank you Dana, that was an excellent session that you ran with us. Lots of good feedback from the riders. I think that there was a good balance of info for the more experienced athletes and it not being too overwhelming for the new riders.


I have been doing all the things you told me. Iím eating what I am suppose to after practice for recovery, I am feeling better after weight workouts and more energized for games. Thank you.
      - Vicente Arze, Davis, CA WHITECAPS PLAYER


Thank you so much for coming in and speaking to our athletes. I have received very positive feedback from the athletes and it gave them an important understanding of an area that they don''t often think too much about. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.
      - Paul Eberhardt, BASKETBALL BC COACH


I've never felt better. No sluggish games and never drained energy wise. Thanks a million.
      - Marcel Rocque, TEAM FERBEY CURLING


Thank you for the thorough and educational consult today! I am excited to start this new plan and I appreciate how easy you've made it, with even the shopping list organized by grocery aisle!


Thank you so much for the advice regarding cramping, I have been doing what you told me, using Elete add inís to my water bottles, upped my salt intake a bit and made sure I am well hydrated and have not had a single cramp!! I am so impressed thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish all health issues were this easy to cure!
      - Bob Welburn, CAT 2 ROAD CYCLIST


Thank you so much for your workshop. I think you have just made a big difference in my life and health. Already, my race times have improved and my energy levels are endurance are better than they have ever been. With your nutrition support I think I am going to be faster than ever.
      - Sarah Laliberte, CAT 1 TRACK CYCLIST, 3rd place Masterís Worlds


You are great, I am not sure how many professionals follow up like you do. Thank you.
      - Rory Carr, MARATHON RUNNER