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Sport Nutrition Workshops
» Sport Nutrition 101

This interactive workshop focuses on building nutrition foundations for daily healthy eating, hydration, training and recovery. Athletes will develop an individualized nutrition plan to support specific training and promote optimal training gains.

» Optimizing Nutrition for Competition

Don't leave nutrition to chance on race or game day. This workshop will build an individualized competition plan for athletes and teach the key components of fueling right to perform. This workshop can be tailored to specific events.

» On the Road: Performance Nutrition for the Traveling Athlete

Travel can take its toll on athletes, performance and health. Learn how to plan and pack for performance on the road and stay healthy. This workshop can be individualized to target specific events or locations.

» Shop Smart Grocery Shopping for Athletes

Sport nutrition starts with the basics - the skills to make healthy food choices and navigate the grocery store aisles. This hands-on workshop will take athletes through the aisles of your local grocery store and teach the essential skills such as, label reading and eating healthy on a budget. Warning: this workshop may get a little competitive so get ready to fuel up!

» Peak Performance Cooking Workshop

These legendary workshops make optimal sports nutrition happen! Hands-on learning will provide athletes the skills to cook healthy, nutrient dense foods that are important for success. Athletes love the new and easy recipes they learn and the skills they acquire to help implement cooking into an athlete lifestyle.

» Nutritional Periodization
» Supplements and Ergogenic Aids
» Optimising Body Compositon Changes
» Sport Nutrition Science vs Scienciness

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